The Center of Hope
1863 Capital Blvd.
Raleigh, NC 27604

To apply for financial assistance, please call for an appointment on Friday mornings between 8am-9am.  Appointments will be made for the following week.
Up to $100 toward a final notice utility bill, utility deposit, or court eviction notice, if the following requirements are met (no assistance with prescriptions, rent deposits, or first month’s rent):  1. NC ID card or valid photo ID, 2. SS or Tax ID card for every adult in home, 3. proof of currently working 30 hrs per week or currently receiving social security, unemployment, or proof of laid off within last 6 months, 4. proof of rent/mortgage at address (rental receipt, lease, letter from landlord on letterhead, cancelled check or money order receipt), 5. Final notice for a utility bill, proof of utility deposit or court eviction papers for rental assistance.  The $100 will be paid after all other obligations toward the payment of bill (ex. If amount due is $125, $25 must be paid before we release our $100).

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