908-101 Plainview Dr
Raleigh NC 27610

PLM Families Together provides housing support for families experiencing homelessness through Centralized Intake, Short-term Housing and Re-housing.

  • Centralized Intake (a collaboration with the Women’s Center of Wake County and Interact): one place to call for access to multiple shelter and housing support programs for families & single women (919-861-1191, located at The Women’s Center)
  • Short-term Housing: 2 and 3 bedroom apartments where families experiencing homelessness can live briefly (2-3 months) while they put money into savings and work with an Mentor Advocate to establish stable housing – includes ongoing support/case management for one year after stable housing is established
  • Re-housing Support: Assistance for families living in shelters or safe situations, though still homeless – includes Mentor Advocate support in locating housing, financial assistance for initial rent, utilities and deposits and ongoing support/case management for one year after housing is established
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